Monday, February 14, 2011

be my st. valentine.

here's the thing... there are two types of attitudes about valentine's day. and then there's mine.

the first attitude is, i'm single and lonely and i fucking hate it and it's created by greeting card companies and it's a sick twisted capitalistic mutilation of love and i'm too indie to acknowledge it, likely because somebody somewhere in the past broke my fucking heart right before, on or after this day.

the second attitude is, i'm a princess and i expect people to spend money they can't afford to spend and i'm going to get mad and start a fight if i don't get more than what i want today, even if i never vocalized what i expected in the first place.

then there's me. let's be honest. the whole, let's make every day valentine's day copout excuse is just a load of crap, we're all too busy to set aside time each day to show the person/people we love they are necessary to us. so what the hell is wrong with having a set aside day for it every once in a blue moon? and why the hell do people live with sticks stuck so tightly up their asses that they can't enjoy the spontaneity and childlike whimsy involved with a day full of paper hearts and secret i love you notes and flowers and kindergarten gestures of crushes and romance and knights and all of that lovely fairy tale stuff?

i'm FOR valentine's day, and i don't really give two shits if you're not. some kind people along the way in my life have made it special for me, not by spending money or going way overboard, but just by embracing the really fun parts of it and making it theirs, mine, ours. isn't that what any holiday is really about? or what love is really about? just redrawing the lines so it's ours, not the masses?

yeah....xoxo and <3 <3 <3 and all that lovely shit that i actually do love. :)