Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the things i'm too afraid to say.

if you won't treat me that way, i won't act it, not anymore.

i think you're a coward.

i think here's how yesterday should have gone: you came in and said you're sorry. said you were done hiding behind broken coping mechanisms and past failures. said you were done acting out fear and fear of the unknown and instead you'd start acting out of what you DO know. you would have had flowers. you would get over your pride and admit that what scares you the most about us is the notion that we will last forever. your pride. that's probably the most difficult thing to deal with... maybe that's because for me, when it comes to love, pride doesn't exist. i'm never too proud to show or express love, admit when i'm wrong, admit when i'm afraid, ask for comfort or affirmation. pride destroys relationships.

what comes to mind is when heath ledger sings can't take my eyes off of you to julia stiles in ten things i hate about you. never too proud to make things right. but you are, even though you've backtracked like crazy. i hope your pride is worth all of this.

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