Wednesday, May 18, 2011


some days i'm awfully good at writing lovely little limericks about how i feel and what i'm going through. other days, not so much.

there are four changes i want this summer, so it's time to put my head down and work. most of them are entirely up to me, but some of them will require partnership and equal dedication. that's something i can't control, but can hope for, even after years of hope generally letting me down.

i want chains to the past broken. for you and for me. i feel like there's one around my neck, and i take off running away from it, only to be clotheslined by it every once in a while and being knocked down again. i feel like your chains might be around both our necks.

i want to recenter, refocus. detox, digest, make lists, clean up.

of course you wouldn't think i'd reveal my actual list here, no? of course not. well, 3 of my goals are going to be easy. it's that pesky 4th, however...

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