Tuesday, September 6, 2011


congratulations, boys. words cannot express how proud i am of you, and how excited i am for you. i feel like the world finally sees what i've seen from show #1.

it's so bittersweet, to think about how that entire album was written in his room at our house, walls covered in tour posters, how i felt and heard every riff and every breakdown and every bit of every song for months and months before it ever went to the studio. while i was cooking. while i was sleeping. while i was bathing or brushing my teeth. it STILL to this day echoes through the halls of my home, bounces off the walls and feels like it is part of my soul, stitched on my skin. how i so enjoyed visiting you all while you were recording, how very much i have always missed each of you while you are away.

it's bittersweet because i've anticipated this day for so very long, ready to celebrate as the reviews come pouring in, ready to toast to you, and now, as huge as a part of my life this has been for the past five years, suddenly, it can't be.

now, i'm just another name on another list. and that breaks my heart beyond description.

but. sincerest congratulations, my boys. my brothers. each of you, EACH OF YOU, deserves this. you've done mama hippie proud.

we are monsters on our own, but banded together we overcome.

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