Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dream a little dream.

i haven't had good crazy dreams in years and years. they've been night terrors, sad, terrifying, everything short of seriously messed up. or actually seriously messed up, considering i've woken screaming, shrieking, crying or punching a wall.

but last night, i believe due to some very good conversation lately about dreams, i had a doozie.

i decided to walk my dog around my neighborhood wearing a killer black dress and my red heels. so i was dog walking wearing this:

(the dress is a little off, but these are the heels in my closet that i chose for dog walking)

the other night, in real life, while i was walking my dog, i met a sweet couple that live in one of the houses on elizabeth. the houses on elizabeth are MANSIONS. very old, one of the oldest streets in fort worth. beautiful. anyway this real life couple lives in one of them and i want very badly to see the inside.

anyway, so in my dream, i decided to stop by and say hello! so i knocked on the door, and they let me in... a gay couple mind you, and i only tell you this because it got all warped in my dream. and they had six german shepherd puppies and a mama. and the house was beautiful. stunning. then, out of nowhere, the guys start hazing me to see if i "pass" to hang out at their house. it was awful, but i just kept laughing at it, to show them i could handle it. then out of nowhere, a woman walks in, and she's gorgeous, and incredibly ecclectic and intelligent, and she looks like a wolf. like, hair in funny spots around her ears, but just gorgeous. so wolf woman, as it turns out, is the wife of one of the guys. hence total confusion.... in real life the couple is gay, so why in my dream was one of them married to a woman? anyway...

so i spent some time talking to wolf woman, and she just had so many interested things to say, i'm captivated. and she has amazing artwork everywhere, and stacks and stacks of books. enraptured. then i look out the back windows and realize their back yard looks like new zealand. or pandora. STUNNING. so we start walking through the house, the lot of us, dogs, dudes, wolf woman, and i notice these TINY LITTLE people, that look kind of like gnomes, but aren't.

i ask wolf woman why she has so many of them, and she lets me know that these are the unwanted teensy adults, that most of them are 30 or 40 or 50 years old, but they're so tiny, and hard to take care of, that people just don't. so she opened her home to scores of little adult people gnomes, and they all lived there in tiny beds and tiny bathtubs. she rebuilt part of her beautiful old mansion to house all things gnome sized.

so then the whole troup walks back to the other side of the house, into the kitchen, and we all start cooking together, and that's where it gets hazy.


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