Friday, August 27, 2010

good riddance.

all i can say is this: i know a lot of good people. a lot of good people love me.

my mom is my hero, always taking the bullet for me, always finding a seemingly impossible way to make things right.

my family refuses to let me fall, even if it means they fall in my place, even if means they make sacrifices simply so i can stand.

my friends take hold of my arms when i start to stumble, and sometimes stumble with me just so i won't be alone in it.

my shane, you pick me up and carry me upstairs when i'm sitting in a heap of mess without direction or confidence or understanding or logic. you wrap me up in your arms and just let me be, whatever i am, wherever i am, and you love me as i am. you're my protector, my best friend, my love.

this is all i need in life. i'm ready to dig my heels in now.

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