Tuesday, August 24, 2010

in the great words of peter griffin.

you know what really grinds my gears? usually something i see on facebook. it's been a two-for-one week for that. i'll start with today's.

newsflash: we are all part of the human race. by default, this means we all experience pain and trauma. each and every one of us. nobody is immune to daddy issues, relationship baggage or undeserved ill treatment. everyone experiences it. what grinds my gears is when people waste time feeling sorry for themselves about it. or wallow publicly about their pain to try and get attention. firstly, it's a tad tacky to wallow publicy. secondly, attention won't fix your issues. you're just wasting your time and mine. you are not special because of your pain. in fact, pain is the one universal thing on the planet. in my humble opinion, you can be aware of your pain and use it to grow stronger, be more thoughtful, even when you don't understand it, or you can use it as an excuse to make poor decisions and hurt others. i don't have much respect for people who use it as an excuse. it hurts, all of us hurt; there's nothing that makes your hurt so insurmountable that you are unique and special. pain is all the same.

in addition: i'm so tired of the false confidence social networking lends people who are actually cowards in real life. i got a nasty facebook message from somebody yesterday who doesn't even know me. who i've had one facebook interaction with. the things that were said, would never be said to my face, i'm certain of that. it's just incredible to me the things that people will do or say via the internet, or through a text message. the internet is cool, but i think it's broken human interaction and communication. people rely too heavily on it, use it to ego boost and have learned to communicate in a way they wouldn't ever in person. it's sad more than anything else.

that's enough grinding of gears for today. it's raining and it smells lovely outside. kìyevame.

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